Developing children through performing arts such as concert and drama. The Montessori Method allow children to grow naturally, develop independence, self-confidence and their own unique personality. Children are stimulated to think and learn as early as possible during the crucial early years. Help children read and write the fun way. The Montessori Method supports children as they discover a new world of performing and creativity.
The early years are the best time for young children to pick up cognitive and communication skills. The added confidence gained will take them through the rest of their life. Mastery of language (verbal communication and reading skills) is the keystone to success in adult life.

Montessori educational apparatus are designed to meet the children’s needs in 5 main areas. They are Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Skills, Mathematical Skills, Language Skills, Cultural Knowledge. The apparatus encourage learning through play in a fun and exciting way.

The rate at which a child absorbs information and his capacity to learn, is greatest before the age of six years.

It is therefore very important that your child is stimulated to think and learn as early as possible during these crucial years. At our centre, this is achieved through the fun Montessori way.