Dear Parents,

We are excited to inform you that our new school is finally ready! All of us have worked hard during the month-long school holidays to ensure that the place is ready for our use.

We want to highlight some of the new improvement in our facilities from our previous premise.

Separate Children Area – We have a wider area for all our children, so younger children will be able to learn in their designated area away from older children. All teachers will be there to observe joint activities during combined sessions.

Media Area – Our centre is now equipped with a media area to showcase educational programme and documentary to ensure interest in learning.

Child-Friendly Facilities – Our new sink for handwash and toilet are all child-friendly and is made just right for their height.

CCTV – Our premise will be monitored with a CCTV camera to ensure that everyone is safe. Security protocols such as ‘No visitors during school hours’ will be implemented and adhered to once the new school session begins.

Indoor Playhouse – The indoor play area will be a space where children can play safely and comfortably with their friends so they can avoid exposure to the heat from the sun or mosquitoes/insects from outdoor activities.

Private Space & Better Administrative Facilities – We have an office area whereby parents can speak to us privately and a new copier at the teacher’s area for them to prepare their work efficiently before class begins.

Other Improvements for After School Care and Tuition Services:

  • New revamped lunch menu for after school care services to include a Bento Lunch set whereby there will be fruits and noodles/pasta (once weekly) included in the children meals.
  • Sleeping area will be equipped with essential oil diffuser to help purify the air quality and a relaxed sleeping environment.
  • Children will get to take their afternoon nap on a cot bed explicitly designed for their height and weight.

Please share with us any of your concerns that you might have or further improvements so we can assist both you and your child better!