Dear Parents,

We are organizing a drawing contest for all the students in Montessori Playhouse. Please get your child to participate by drawing any of the theme stated below. There will be 1 winner for each age group (Age 3-6) and their artwork will be displayed on our school artboard, video, website, facebook and receive a prize.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Contest Period: 1st – 31st May, 2020
2. Theme: A. My Mother (Mother’s Day) or B. My Teacher (Teacher’s Day)
3. Upon completion of the artwork, please take a snapshot/scan and email it to:
4. Student can use whichever materials they desire be it crayons, water colors, highlighter, magic pen, colour pencils etc.
5. Judging criteria will be based on student’s creativity, colouring skills and uniqueness.